Making Telemarketing Work

We can help you exploit the world’s most powerful and effective way to talk to your target market


Telemarketing facts - more sales, more leads, more appointments

Did you know that telemarketing is the fastest, most effective way to contact and get feedback from your target market?

Also that this kind of lead generation is more effective than field representatives, one-way direct mail and even email marketing?

Whether you are looking for B2B telemarketing in Birmingham, the West Midlands or further afield, the fact is that telesales has grown faster than any other sales media over the last ten years.

This is why it’s so important that it’s handled professionally – because the last thing you want as the economy emerges from a recession is to risk losing business to a competitor.

Outsourcing your telemarketing saves you money

For a start, having your own telesales department in-house is expensive. They need to be paid, housed and provided with equipment. And that’s just the start…

When you outsource your business-to-business telemarketing to a Midlands-based company like amp, there’s zero capital investment. You save on training costs. And, because we deliver professional telemarketing from our own premises in Shropshire, you save on office space, too.

But most important of all, because we live and breathe telemarketing all day, every day, we have the solid experience and know-how to ensure that every campaign is a success.

No telesales scripts. Real people respond to real people.

amp is an experienced telemarketing company that takes lead generation very seriously. We know that there’s a huge difference between conducting an intelligent two-way dialogue and technology-led call centre staff that read from a script, especially when it comes to cold-calling.

Unlike some bigger telesales companies, each of our telemarketers has more than 20 years’ experience of generating leads for our clients. Also, because we run our own business, we understand how a business really operates and why it’s so important to get results.

So if your current lead generation or telesales company isn’t delivering, it may be time to talk to amp.

Why not call us today? You’ll notice the difference the moment we pick up the phone.