Market research

Thorough market research is essential if you want a true insight into what potential B2B customers want. Indeed with so many competitors eager to exploit your customer base, it’s never been more important to get your product or service right.

amp doesn’t just offer friendly, effective telemarketing in the Midlands, we offer a complete solution that often begins with in-depth market research. This ensures we deliver the kind of business-to-business dialogue that really motivates your audience to achieve the results you demand. Telemarketing lead generation that not only grows your business but which makes the most of your marketing budget.

Market research professionals

From consumer to business-to-business, West Midlands-based amp telemarketing’s strong market research experience enables us to deliver effective telesales across Birmingham and beyond, focusing on personal contact so you can optimise the way you target your customers.

We understand your audience

Our way of working gives you the edge. We make the most of our time with each respondent so you gain maximum benefit. Also, as Midlands telemarketers based in Shropshire, we know the region and its people inside out. In other words, we are local people talking to local businesses, rather than a faceless organisation located somewhere else in the UK.

This results in intelligent and informed findings that give you a broader, more in-depth understanding of your B2B customer base. Proof that thorough, local market research really does make a measurable difference to the way you do business!

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