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Direct mail follow-up

Add power to your direct marketing

Even the most accurately targeted B2B direct mail campaign can expect a low yield.

But this can be increased by ten-fold or more simply by commissioning an effective follow-up telemarketing lead generation campaign.

More leads for your money

Based in the Midlands county of Shropshire, just down the road from Birmingham, amp’s friendly, professional telemarketing experts will ensure you maximise your direct marketing budgets by continuing this critical dialogue in a personal way that can never be achieved on paper.

We get to know your product and services thoroughly. This means that, as well as appearing to represent your company, we can handle even the most complex customer queries, passing the results on to you for immediate fulfilment or action.

The result? A far higher yield from your business-to-business direct mail, and far better use of every penny you spend on your marketing budget.

If you want to get more from your direct mail, why not talk to West Midlands based amp telemarketing?