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It’s never been more critical to keep your data up to date

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B2B Data Lists

Supercharge your campaign with B2B data lists

At West Midlands amp telemarketing we aim to make harnessing the power of B2B telemarketing easier and more effective than ever. We appreciate the value of qualified, reliable data, from which our clients can establish a solid telemarketing campaign that connects telemarketer with decision maker in one simple phone call. We take the time to understand your business, to appreciate your goals, potential customers and targeted companies and decision makers.

The problem with poor data lists

Wherever you are located in the Midlands, entering the world of telemarketing can be an intimidating time for companies who are met with a barrage of companies offering B2B data lists for seemingly impossible prices. Conversely, however, businesses may also find that they are charged extortionate rates for unqualified, poorly researched and often unusable data lists.

Poor data results don’t just result in lost time and money, they can lead to damaged reputations and a loss in moral for your telemarketing team.

Using amp’s data lists is your key to quality, qualified data lists

Our robust data lists are detailed, accurate and up-to-date, ensuring that you’re provided with the information and (where available) key decision makers which is an essential element of useful data lists, particularly as statistics consistently show that frequent changes of premises, telephone numbers, job titles and personnel, business data can decay as much as 40% per annum.

Free Data Audit: Your first step to a successful marketing campaign

Located just down the road from Birmingham, amp telemarketing understands that data accuracy is vital, which is why we offer a FREE of charge audit of your data and mailing list. This audit will produce a report that tells you exactly what enhancements are possible and if companies are no longer at the addresses you hold. Our audits serve as an essential building block for telemarketing success, helping you avoid thousands of pounds in wastage whilst also improving response rates and your return on your investment. We can even de-dupe your current data with the fresh data.

The power of amp’s B2B data lists

In such a crowded market place we know that bluster and sales jargon just don’t cut it. We back up our proclaims of an invaluable service with cold hard statistics, offering access to:

  • 2.2 Million contacts,
  • 1.3 Million companies with Postal Address & Telephone Number,
  • 610K Email addresses (Of which 400K are personal email addresses),
  • 800K Telephone researched records by our UK research team (All with an average age of just 94 days),
  • Up to 12 Decision makers per site, with many different areas of responsibility covered.

Are you looking to promote your company to the public sector?

amp telemarketing can provide highly specialist Government and Public Sector Marketing Lists covering over 210,000 contacts spanning 80,000 organisations. Contact us today to see how we can help you in penetrating this specialist market.

Telemarketing in the Midlands

Our office is based in Shropshire in the West Midlands, where we use our 20 years’ of experience to work with clients up and down the country, providing often indispensable UK telemarketing services to a wide range of companies.

Want more appointments with decision makers within businesses integral to your customer base? Talk to our team today to see how we can realise the potential of your telemarketing campaign.