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B2B telemarketing news and tips

Principles of B2B Telemarketing

Posted: 15/09/14 1:55 PM

If you are company operating in Midlands, West Midlands or South East area of the UK, you can benefit considerably from hiring support for your telemarketing requirements. Telemarketing can help in generating more leads and increasing sales, especially if you are involved in B2B activities. Continue reading →

Ways to Avoid Common Cold Calling Mistakes

Posted: 8/09/14 1:37 PM

Businesses in the West Midlands, Midlands and South East area of the UK, often make some critical mistakes concerning cold calling. These mistakes can lead to the failure of their businesses. To help them avoid such blunders, below are a few telemarketing tips. Continue reading →

What can integrated marketing do for your small business?

Posted: 1/09/14 7:43 AM

A well-crafted B2B telemarketing campaign can see brand awareness built, relationships developed and customer bases grown. However this medium is very often underappreciated, particularly the value of such a campaign when it is integrated with other channels such as direct marketing. Continue reading →

Why telemarketing is still important

Posted: 26/08/14 5:30 AM

Today companies have more choice than ever when it comes to their marketing methods. From social media to PPC and from SEO to email marketing; it is then easy to see why some companies may consider telemarketing as a completely separate tool that is useful only for selling certain products or services. Continue reading →