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B2B telemarketing news and tips

Getting Through the Gatekeepers: Essential Telemarketing Tips

Posted: 9/01/15 7:45 AM

As anybody who has ever been involved with B2B telemarketing should know, gatekeepers can be a big challenge. They have the power to put you straight through to a decision maker or to keep you out entirely. If you’re lucky, you might get a gatekeeper who is just there to forward you to the right person, but more often than not you have to win the gatekeeper over before you can even get started on the main stages of providing a telemarketing service. If you aren’t able to get past gatekeepers, your telemarketing campaign will probably struggle to get off of the ground. Continue reading →

Could you Take Your B2B Telemarketing Efforts Further?

Posted: 28/11/14 8:00 AM

B2B telemarketing is still one of the most effective ways for a company to secure sales for products and services. But what if your in-house telemarketing efforts or outsourced telemarketing services have not been delivering? Where might the weak link in the process be, and what could you do to take things further? Continue reading →

Telemarketing Tactics: Getting Past Gatekeepers

Posted: 13/11/14 2:55 PM

Once upon a time, gatekeepers were just a voice you would briefly hear, before being politely put through to the person you wanted to reach. Today, they play a much bigger role in screening people out. It is often not just their role to answer calls and direct them accordingly, but also to screen them and only let through the ones that get their approval. Continue reading →

Why it’s Important to Follow Up after a Telemarketing Campaign

Posted: 29/10/14 12:03 PM

Following up is hugely important if you want to get the most out of a telemarketing service, but sadly this part of the sales process is often ignored. Unfortunately, this can seriously diminish the effectiveness of even the best telemarketing services. Following up can turn promising leads into genuine sales. Failing to follow up, on the other hand, could allow those leads to languish and go cold. Continue reading →

Getting Results From Telemarketing

Posted: 23/10/14 12:47 PM

A lot of people, when asked how to get the best results out of cold calling, will say something about opening questions or knowing sales tactics that can close the deal. A lot of people would be wrong. Continue reading →

Why Listening is Key for Effective Telemarketing

Posted: 16/10/14 7:21 AM

What skills make for a good telemarketer? Ask most people, and they will come up with a list that includes things like “persuasive,” “engaging,” and “charismatic.” In other words, most of the list could be summed up by “good at talking.” Continue reading →

Telemarketing is not About the Numbers

Posted: 2/10/14 1:21 PM

One of the biggest and most harmful misconceptions about B2B UK Telemarketing is that it’s all about numbers. Some unfortunate professionals working for telemarketing companies are told that they have to make a certain number of calls per day. No mention of success rates or building a relationship. It’s just about throwing enough phone calls at the wall and hoping some will stick. Continue reading →

Should Your Business be Outsourcing Telemarketing

Posted: 26/09/14 9:21 AM

In the early days of a business, your priority is to get things done while keeping costs down. To do this, many entrepreneurs become a sort of jack-of-all-trades. Any duty they can reasonably handle will be tackled personally in order to minimise outgoings while the business gets off the ground. Continue reading →

Appointments Aren’t Everything in Telemarketing

Posted: 23/09/14 6:42 AM

Appointments are the biggest success you can expect from telemarketing. But they are categorically not the only type of success. Telemarketing companies that put too much focus on appointments are making a fundamental mistake, overemphasising one type of success and missing out on many others. While settling for nothing but the best may sound like a dynamic and high-achieving tactic on paper, in practice it means missing out on other valuable leads, and potentially becoming too pushy to get the best results even in the areas they are focussing on. Continue reading →