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Telemarketing Tactics: Getting Past Gatekeepers

Posted: 13/11/14 2:55 PM

Once upon a time, gatekeepers were just a voice you would briefly hear, before being politely put through to the person you wanted to reach. Today, they play a much bigger role in screening people out. It is often not just their role to answer calls and direct them accordingly, but also to screen them and only let through the ones that get their approval.

Of course, gatekeepers are only doing their job. But that does make them frustrating for a B2B telemarketing company. They effectively become a barrier that telemarketing companies and professionals need to get through before they can get to the decision-makers that they are trying to reach.

Some providers of telemarketing services get angry. Others give up completely with relatively little effort. Both of these approaches are wrong. If you need to get through the gatekeeper in order to reach someone you really want to speak to about your product or service, there are several ways you can increase your chances of success.

  • Be Cooperative If it doesn’t look like you are getting through then and there, find out if another approach might work better at their end. Is there a better time you can call back? Does the person you are trying to reach have a preferred method for making arrangements?
  • Don’t be Condescending Some telemarketers view gatekeepers as an annoyance, and this can lead to treating them as if they are inferior even without being openly unpleasant. Recognise that, like you, they are a person doing a job. Make it clear that you will leave them to get on with that job if they will put you through or make arrangements.
  • Be Pleasant Never be rude to a gatekeeper or get angry. Even if the gatekeeper is not very pleasant, this advice still holds true. Usually, an unpleasant gatekeeper will feel guilty about treating such a polite, pleasant person badly and this will help your cause.
  • Be Friendly Being polite is crucial, but being friendly is another matter and can really help get results. Don’t be afraid to engage in banter, make a joke, or talk about any shared interest that emerges.
  • Give a Gift If you are dealing with a potentially important or high-value contract, giving out a corporate gift will be a small price to pay when it can be a big help in getting through gatekeepers and ultimately winning a contract. This is especially true if a gift-giving season such as Christmas is coming up.

Of course, there are times when it looks like you are just not going to get through the gatekeeper no matter what. When this happens, good telemarketing companies know when to quit. This doesn’t mean giving up on the prospect altogether. Rather, it means that the effort could be better spent looking for alternative ways to make a connection that bypass the gatekeeper. However, there are also times when it is simply more profitable to focus on other prospects entirely, and recognising this can ultimately save time and money.

amp telemarketing know how to get through gatekeepers and make connections. To find out more about our telemarketing services, please get in touch.