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Why Listening is Key for Effective Telemarketing

Posted: 16/10/14 7:21 AM

What skills make for a good telemarketer? Ask most people, and they will come up with a list that includes things like “persuasive,” “engaging,” and “charismatic.” In other words, most of the list could be summed up by “good at talking.”

But this isn’t necessarily true, and that’s a fact not all telemarketing companies appreciate. Nobody likes being subjected to an unrelenting torrent of words. A sales person who just relies on fast talking and persuasive salesmanship can easily come across as smarmy, pushy and generally unpleasant. While talking is still an important component of effective telemarketingin the UK, it is even more important that a telemarketer knows how to listen.

Listening as well as talking enables a salesperson to build a rapport with the customer and to understand their needs. It gives them the chance to sympathise with the challenges the buyer faces, and demonstrate solid ways in which a product or service can help them overcome those challenges. This approach is far more effective than trying to talk the customer into liking the product. It also allows for a far more tailored approach than just espousing the benefits of a product in general. It lets you find out which benefits the customer actually wants or needs, and then focus on those while applying them specifically to the buyer’s unique situation.

A good telemarketing company will encourage its staff to understand this, instead of giving them a list of benefits and telling them to push hard. A tailored approach from a salesperson who is willing to build a two-way relationship will sell your product or service in greater volumes and at higher prices.

To pull this off effectively, salespeople need to:

1. Listen intently, with a view to not only building a rapport but understanding the customer.
2. Put relationship – building first and selling second. Sometimes that will mean there is no sale at all. More often, it will be a more effective tactic and one that leads to more satisfied customers.
3. Keep an open mind about where the conversation is going. It is okay to use questions to steer the conversation, but you need to let the customer’s own needs become clear instead of aiming for a particular outcome.
4. Ask questions in order to clarify what the customer is saying and better understand their needs, rather than to open up new avenues of selling.
5. Show you are listening with phrases like “I see” or “I understand.”
6. Summarise what you believe has been said in order to check that you have understood correctly.

If your telemarketing includes all of this, customers will more effectively engage with the salesperson and, by extension, your product or service. They will also be more likely to find a way in which that product or service can be useful to them. Perhaps most importantly, they will like you more, boosting customer satisfaction and making them more likely to recommend you to others.

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