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Telemarketing is not About the Numbers

Posted: 2/10/14 1:21 PM

One of the biggest and most harmful misconceptions about B2B UK Telemarketing is that it’s all about numbers. Some unfortunate professionals working for telemarketing companies are told that they have to make a certain number of calls per day. No mention of success rates or building a relationship. It’s just about throwing enough phone calls at the wall and hoping some will stick.

Is it better to make 50 calls and get 10 sales, or to make 100 and get 5 sales? The answer is obvious. Having targets for simple number of calls doesn’t necessarily take results into account. In fact, it can harm results. Building a relationship with a potential client, understanding their needs, and reaching an agreement are all things that take time and effort. If a salesperson feels under pressure to make the number of calls that their telemarketing company demands, they might be reluctant to put that time and effort into a single call. To make more calls, they could end up sacrificing sales and this is never a good idea. And all of this takes effect before you even start to consider the fact that high-value sales often take extra time and effort compared to low value ones.

Before making a sale it is often necessary to let the potential client talk, especially in the B2B telemarketing market. While they do so, the telemarketer simply listens and responds, taking the opportunity to understand their needs and understand the ways in which the product or service can help them as an individual. This leads to tailored pitches, a stronger relationship with the prospect, and a greater likelihood of reaching a deal that everyone is happy with rather than no deal at all. Applying pressure to meet call quotas is not a good way to encourage this. In fact, it is just about the most effective way to undermine it.

When clients ask amp Ttlemarketing “how many calls will you make?” we tell them that we will focus on quality rather than quantity. This allows us to focus on the calls that have a chance of success, give them the time and attention they need, and ultimately deliver quantity where it counts – in sales and return on investment.

If you’re using call targets, it’s time to stop. It’s better to make more sales and need fewer calls to get there than to waste the time of a hundred prospects a day.

If you are struggling to get results from your current telemarketing company or in house telemarketing team, amp telemarketing can provide a solution. With years of experience, we know how to get results out of our calls and make the most of each opportunity. If you want to find out more about our telemarketing services or talk about what we could do for you, please feel free to get in touch.