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Getting Results From Telemarketing

Posted: 23/10/14 12:47 PM

A lot of people, when asked how to get the best results out of cold calling, will say something about opening questions or knowing sales tactics that can close the deal. A lot of people would be wrong.

The truth is that these tactics were never great. Today, they are thoroughly dead. Even members of the public are more savvy about cold calling, so hard sales tactics and “attention-grabbing” opening questions will certainly not cut it in the world of B2B telemarketing.

What people don’t want is to be on the receiving end of hard sales tactics. To get results, a good telemarketing company will make it so that what they do want is your product. This can be achieved through a three-pronged approach:

  • Good Communication, establishing a rapport instead of drowning the client in a torrent of sales talk.
  • Creating a Perception of Value, letting them know the benefits of your product or service and showing them why it is desirable.
  • Emphasising Difference, whether that be the positive difference your product or service could make for them, or the differences that set you apart from your competitors.

The latter two points rely heavily on the first, because good communication is essential for properly conveying the impression of value and the idea of difference. Ultimately, the key to effective telemarketing services is not closing the deal but starting the conversation. If you don’t open in a way that quickly gives the impression of value and difference, the conversation probably won’t get far enough to close the deal at all.

In fact, the best telemarketing companies in the UK know that this starts before the conversation even begins. In order to create interest in a product or service right from the start, it is necessary to enter into the conversation already having a good idea of what will make them want to buy. Thinking about what makes your existing customers want to buy is the best way to get a good idea of this.

It is also important to remember that, even when using an external telemarketing company, in the prospect’s mind the salesperson and the product are utterly linked. They need to be sold on both the product or service and the sincerity of the sales person before they decide to buy. To achieve this, a telesales professional can’t just be in it to sell products. They have to care about the prospect as an individual and be willing to explore ways in which the product or service can genuinely help them.

Understanding this is important in giving a powerful opening building on the opportunity it creates, and ultimately securing a sale. Closing a deal isn’t actually about good closing tactics but about everything that comes before. A prospect who has been handled poorly will not want to buy however many sales tactics you throw at them. A satisfied prospect who wants to buy will happily make a purchase without any closing tactics at all.

With over 20 years’ experience, amp telemarketing know what it takes to get results. If you need telemarketing for facilities management, telemarketing services for your training company or even b2b telemarketing for you marketing company, amp can help. To find out more, please get in touch.