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Appointments Aren’t Everything in Telemarketing

Posted: 23/09/14 6:42 AM

Appointments are the biggest success you can expect from telemarketing. But they are categorically not the only type of success. Telemarketing companies that put too much focus on appointments are making a fundamental mistake, overemphasising one type of success and missing out on many others. While settling for nothing but the best may sound like a dynamic and high-achieving tactic on paper, in practice it means missing out on other valuable leads, and potentially becoming too pushy to get the best results even in the areas they are focussing on.

Of course, a good telemarketing company will secure appointments – as many as they reasonably can. But they will also understand that most calls will not result in an appointment, or at least not immediately. Many other calls will uncover:

1. Those who are currently just looking at their options.
2. Those who are considering buying in the future, but won’t be pushed into buying immediately.
3. Those who have a policy of never setting an appointment on the first call.
4. Those who are considering a product or service like yours, but aren’t yet certain.
5. Those who might simply remember your company name and pass it on to others in their network.

Good telemarketing services make plans for how they will handle all of these types of prospect. While they are not immediate appointments or sales, they offer very strong potential for the future. Good telemarketing services know how to make the most of these opportunities, and further down the line this can result in more sales. Alternatively, trying to settle for nothing less than an appointment can mean that these very real opportunities end up being ignored. Worse, it can lead to an approach which actively puts them off.

Good B2B telemarketing also involves considering each prospect’s individual needs, so in a sense there is no one-size-fits-all approach to dealing with these prospects. However, there is one core concept that is almost always applicable, and that is preparation. It is important to be prepared to deal with these types of prospect and capitalise on the opportunity. One of the best ways to do this is to have marketing materials ready to send out.

These materials could be in digital form or hard copies. In fact, it is best to have both prepared because different prospects will have different preferences. Some prefer email as a simple, fast, trouble-free way to get the information across. Others prefer hard copies because of problems they have had with nuisance emails clogging up their inbox.

These materials will give your potential client more information and a written record of what they have already been told, allowing them to better consider the possibility of buying. Tell your client that you will get in touch in a few days to check they have received the information and to answer any questions they have, then follow up. This will also give you the opportunity to maintain contact and avoid being forgotten.

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