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Why should I outsource to a telemarketing company for cold calling and appointment setting?

Posted: 21/05/12 7:08 AM

Many of you experienced, seasoned business people will no doubt have tried to manage your own telemarketing campaigns to help your business grow.  Some of you may have even been successful l  in doing so.  However, for some of you, it has presented some real headaches and takes up so much of your dedicated time that it takes you away from dealing with the high value core activities you should be concentrating on

Here are some facts that will help you make your mind up why outsourcing to amp telemarketing and using their appointment setting/cold calling services is the right decision

  • Amp are results driven so amp’s success is based on the success of your telemarketing campaign.
  • We have years of experience in helping clients grow their businesses.  You will find us light years away from the traditional telemarketing company that offers appointment setting and cold calling.
  • We really get to know your business and see ourselves as an extension of your business, with the same objectives, the same outlook and the same professional approach.
  • Save you money.  You will not have the costs associated with employing in house telemarketers.
  • Save you time.  Think of all the hours you will need to dedicate in training motivating in house telemarketers.
  • Transparency.  We will provide you with daily reporting so you can keep an eye on how the pipeline is developing.

Give us a call and we can have a chat about how we can help you with outsourcing your telemarketing.