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Tips on choosing the right business to business telemarketing company

Posted: 11/05/12 4:45 PM

Telemarketing and business to business telemarketing companies over the years have had some negative press.  Many of you, I’m sure have been on the receiving end of a robotic, script driven, bad mannered Telemarketer who has no idea how to strike up a rapport with you, and absolutely no understanding or any empathy with the problems your business experiences?

Unfortunately, this is giving us Professional Telemarketers/business to business telemarketing companies a bad name.  From your point of view, when investing money and engaging in using one of the many UK Telemarketing Companies for appointment setting or cold calling, you need to be confident that you have the right person for the job.

Here are some points to consider:

  1. Make sure you know exactly who will be working on your Telemarketing campaign.  Continuity is a key ingredient to the success of any successful telemarketing campaign and you need to have assurance that the same person/people will be working on the campaign from start to finish.
  2. The best telemarketers are people who don’t necessarily need to be graduates but should be able to demonstrate experience in life/business or both.
  3. Good telemarketers will be able to emphasise with your potential clients and have the experience and ability to be able to nurture and build relations with decision makers.

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