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Great telemarketing is all about results. And when you thrive, so do we. This is why our unique brand of telemarketing works. Every time

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Let amp telemarketing amplify your sales

Telemarketing that works

Telemarketing, telesales, direct mail… These days there are so many different routes to market that it can be hard to know what works until you’ve tried it. But why waste money on less effective methods when Midlands-based amp telemarketing can put together a B2B telesales package that builds a thriving sales pipeline, first time round?

Telemarketing in the West Midlands – with a big difference

Based in Shropshire and delivering business-to-business telemarketing to companies in Birmingham and further afield, we deliver the kind of flexible, intelligent telesales campaigns that can only be achieved by a company that knows its business inside out.

With literally decades of experience, amp has a track record of generating exceptional sales leads and appointments through precision-driven telemarketing services, cold calling and data cleansing. Also, as solid commercial thinkers with our own state-of-the-art CRM system, we know what makes people tick. And, even more importantly, what makes them respond.

This is why you’ll find we offer a much more individual and consultative approach than bigger B2B telesales companies. And why we know exactly how to fine-tune our tactics to ensure that each campaign is a success.

A successful telesales pitch within 60 seconds flat?

Absolutely. But how do we do it? Simply because, as an experienced UK telemarketing organisation, we know that each decision-maker requires an individual and very different approach.

By understanding your products/services, empathising with the decision-maker and talking to them in a language they understand, it can take just seconds to convince a prospect to respond positively.

But the real difference between our brand of business-to-business telemarketing and other companies takes place at the next stage.

By carefully exposing your message at those times when your prospects are the most receptive, we go on to nurture the relationship to build flourishing sales pipelines designed to take your business into the future.

And all without a single ‘robotic’ telesales script in sight.